Rocket League Spring 2019 North


Full rules


All players must be current students of the same university.

All games will be played with the following game settings:

  • Default Arena: Beckwick Park Night
  • Team Size: 3v3
  • Bot Difficulty: No Bots
  • Mutators: None
  • Match Time: 5 Minutes
  • Joinable By: Name/Password
  • Server: Europe

Teams should wait for all players to join the match before choosing sides.

Teams must have at least 3 players. Teams may add/remove players from the team between weeks.

If teams are more than 15 minutes late they will forfeit a match.

Check in deadline is 6:30pm. Teams who don't check in will not get games for that evening.

Offensive steam profile and Team names are not allowed.

Verbal abuse is not allowed. In particular any use of racist, sexist, homophobic or any other discriminatory language will lead to a minimum 3 week suspension.