Rainbow 6 Siege NSE Spring Championship 2020


Signups Close Tuesday 11th Febuary

Dates Tournament Stage
13th Feb Qualification
20th Feb Qualification
27th Feb Qualification
5th Mar

Week 1 Playoff Brackets
Week 1 Swiss

12th Mar

Week 2 Playoff Brackets
Week 2 Swiss

18th Mar 

Week 3 Playoff Brackets
Week 3 Swiss

24th March

Additional Championship Lower Bracket Match

25th Mar

Week 4 Playoff Brackets
Week 4 Swiss

5th April Semifinal
17/18/19th April  Grand Finals at Live Venue (TBD) 

All games with the exception of the Grand Finals and additional playoff game on 24th March will be played on Thursday evening and cannot be rearranged. Games will have a normal start time of 7.15pm.