Code of Conduct


We are the university esports community and we are welcoming, open to all, advocates of fun and fair play, and unified by a love of games and competition. Our Code of Conduct makes us all responsible for upholding these traits.

We uphold competitive integrity and the spirit of fair play.
We follow both the letter and the spirit of the rules at all times. Our rules exist to preserve competition integrity and enjoyable tournaments.

We never use racist, sexist, homophobic, or other discriminatory language.
Our community is open to all students and there is no place for language that makes anyone feel unwelcome. We do not accept discrimination in any forms.

We never engage in threatening behaviour or harassment.
We do not tolerate any behaviour that makes any member of our community feel threatened or harassed. We will report conduct of this nature to the relevant universities and authorities.

We are respectful to others.
We treat each other as we wish to be treated. We know competing passions can flare, but that does not justify treating others poorly.